Enterprise Data Management

HgP and its partner offer digital data processing automation. Through proprietary ETL, solution, HgP helps clients rapidly digitalize digital vast amounts of data making them ready for consumption. We also offer data warehouse acceleration/data prep platform for both structured and unstructured data. HgP can transforms unstructured data into highly structured, AI/ML-ready data through application of machine learning making your data ready for analytics.


AI Data Innovations

Global success through innovations. We combine human insight with innovative technology to address the pain points of the data annotation and collection efforts performed by global companies of all sizes Innovation is in our DNA; we work faster, more efficiently, and produce the highest quality results.

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Data Science, AI, ML, Deep Learning & Data Mining

We Make Data science easy by taking advantage of big data and a wide array of different, methods, automated technologies, and tools including machine learning, AI, deep learning, and data mining to bring insights to your data. Our Services and Solutions facilitates your data analysis, statistics, mathematics, and programming as well as data visualization and interpretation.

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  • Data Security Specialist
  • Data Standardization Specialist
  • Database Mining & Administrator
  • Database Management Specialist
  • Database Specialist
  • Data Warehousing Administrator
  • Data Warehouse Analyst
  • Data Warehouse Programmer