five years anniversary

Our Journey

HgP was founded in 2015 out of the divestiture of L-3 National Security Solution Division (NSS). The core team of HgP used to serve as management and technical experts at L-3 NSS and leg the Global Solutions Business Unit (GSS). With an initial core focus on delivery transformational security and defense solutions for international clients, the company has grown into a digital transformation firm with leading innovations across several sectors. Today, HgP Has establish over 85 core partners with leading technology solutions providers and research universities bringing several innovative solutions to market.

We are delighted to be here today several years on. We started without a single desk, working out of a hotel lobby in Tysons Conner Virginia (USA), believing that we can deliver greater quality solutions and services to our global clients.

After several failed attempts and disappointments, HgP continued to reinvent its solution offerings and business models to drive change and efficiency in our customers operations. We focus of innovation with our customers needs and mission in mind. Our Journey is just beginning and believe we will continue serving those that put their trust in us with great honor.