Driving Government & Business Transformation into the Future

Driving Strategic Growth, Innovation & Technology Transformation Leveraging our Global Operations & Experience

Defense & Security

Driving operational transformation and optimization across several Sectors. Leveraging Lean Six Sigma to establish a collaborative team approach that improves performance by systematically removing waste while and reducing variation. HgP offers process reviews, mapping, design and automation solutions and services that will help transform your organizations performance for a long time

Digital Transformation

Gain expert insights and Implementations to move your Digital strategy and organization to the Next Level. Let the Experts Tailor a Digital Transformation Strategy to meet your organization’s technology needs. With our solutions and services HgP will drive greater integrations and connectivity across your operations to produce real-time results. Let technology serve your operations.

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Data Management

HgP and its partner offer digital data processing automation. Through proprietary ETL, solution, HgP helps clients rapidly digitalize digital vast amounts of data making them ready for consumption. We also offer data warehouse acceleration/data prep platform for both structured and unstructured data. HgP can transforms unstructured data into highly structured, AI/ML-ready data through application of machine learning making your data ready for analytics.

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Defense & Security

Bringing deep cross-sector experience to your most complicated challenges, HgP Aerospace and Defense industry professionals have demonstrated insight and engineering experience to provide you with innovative defense and security solution across any platform. HgP provides System Integration Services that seamlessly consolidate disparate technology products and applications, including legacy platforms, to significantly reduce complexity and maximize your ROI. …

Operations & Maintenance

Our integrated operations and maintenance (O&M) services will improve your mission efficiency, productivity, and safety while reducing costs. HgP offers O&M services for a wide range of infrastructure and technology assets worldwide, including aerospace and defense systems. We provide performance-based O&M solutions with technical staffing. training and O&M manual development to ensure your mission is always running smooth.