Deep Learning Facial Recognition Biometric Security

Rapid 100% Optical Border Access Screening Solution

  • Ultra-Fast Image Capturing Positions
  • Passport & ID Screening
  • Border Control
  • Access Control
  • US Visit Control Automation
  • ETC
bio-metric facial recognition security
bio-metric facial recognition security

Multi-Person Detection

Lightning-Quick Face Detection And Person Identification. Face recognition technology enables businesses to accelerate digital transformation

Portrait Of Young Businesspeople Face Recognized With Intellectual Learning System

HgP has years of experience withimplementing image analysis software to tackle a variety of business problems.

iot machine learning with human and object recognition which use artificial intelligence to measurements

Real-time Full HD video analysis

When it comes to live video, the value of custom facial recognition software hinges on its ability to analyze the stream as effectively as possible in a very limited timeframe. Our cutting-edge computer vision technology allows you to perform reliable face detection, face recognition, and person identification virtually in real-time, as fast as 1 ms per frame.

Simulation of a screen of cctv cameras with facial recognition

Dealing with challenging footage

Selective Focus Of People Faces Recognized With Intellectual Learning System

Our image analysis solutions don’t need pixel-perfect footage to deliver outstanding results. We apply deep learning and AI to confidently tackle complications like moving or shaky camera footage, partial or temporary occlusions, poor lighting conditions, the person turning away or putting on sunglasses. Intuitive post-processing tools are available to enhance the analysis of the results.