Bringing unique integrated C2capabilities to support greater data visibility and surveillance intelligence.
HgP is a leading supplier of military command and control solutions for defense forces throughout the world. We offer a suite of software products that is a reliable, cost-effective off-the-shelf command and control solution designed to put information where your forces need it most.
people looking at security camera monitorsDriving Innovation & Technology Transformation.
HgP C2 Solutions provide unparalleled understanding and support vital communications for both defense and commercial applications. We deliver the next generation of cohesive mission command solutions that enable decision-making functions for defense, intelligence, and national security.
a room full of monitorsWe provide custom visualization and analytics platforms to meet your specific needs.
Defense command and control systems for tactical superiority Bull BMS (Battle Management System) shares battalion-level land and air-land combat information on the battlefield. Naval combat management system shares sea tactical information everywhere on the battlefield.
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