Wireless Automated Short-Range Surveillance

Intelligent Security Coverage

Operates for up to 400 days on a single rechargeable Battery Automatically Reports Detections and Low Charge Status.

Key Benefits

  • Detection Tracking
  • Displays “breadcrumbs” for Targets
  • Visible History of Target Movement
  • Self-Learning Recognition Software
  • Wide Area Surveillance
  • 360° Coverage
  • Geo-location Data
  • Detect, Record, Visualize and Distribute Target Data Downstream
  • Forensic Operation
  • Real-time, HD imagery
  • 50 MILLION Hours of proven performance
  • Operating in 30 countries
  • Mobile; fast, easy set up
  • Extremely Low Cost
 short-range surveillance

Use Case Scenarios

Complete Coverage for any Plats, Event, Stadium, Arena, etc.

security coverage

Use Case Scenarios (Option B)

Mesh Network – Complete Coverage (Internal or External)

 mesh network
surveillance system

Integrated Facility Security System

360o Security Integrated into a Single Platform

security platform

Automated Detection, Recognition & Tracking Capabilities

  • Intelligent Security Software
  • Real-Time Identification and Geo-Referencing
security software

Self-Powered Wireless Surveillance Solution

security trailer