Business Strategy & Growth Consulting

Our strategy consulting services are designed to fit the needs of any organization. We work with organizations at almost every stage of the business life-cycle. HgP can help you define a clear vision, develop a roadmap, and achieve your goals.

Adapting to a new world

A world of risks and challenges, from disruption to globalization. A new economy, defined by technology and fluidity. All these changes are affecting how your organization can play in the value chain and how you can position your operations for real competitive advantage. It may mean rethinking your corporate core and functions or adopting new business models altogether. HgP will be your partner from the beginning to your goal.


Growth Optimization

Realize your organization’s greatest strengths

HgP has been using data to drive improvements in cross discipline projects since its inception. With a full range of Certified Executive Master Black Belts covering multiple industries, HgP combines LEAN methodologies with big data analysis, to help organizations transform their operations for growth.

production concept

Lean Six Sigma for Services

Waste and non-value-added activities found in service processes account for added costs of between 30% and 80%.
Our Lean service is designed to identify and remove this waste, allowing for faster and more efficient processes that result in high-quality services and improved productivity.

  • Significant improvement in the service activities performed
  • Significant reduction in the time spent on service tasks and/or activities
  • Significant reduction in the cost of providing services
  • Increased competitiveness and profitability

Achieve Measurable Growth when your people, processes and technology are at work

project conceptOur mission is to help you become a leading provider

Operations Optimization

Transforming your processes to be aligned with your vision & goals
Driving operational transformation and optimization across several leveraging Lean Six Sigma to establish a collaborative team approach that improves performance by systematically removing waste while and reducing variation. HgP offers process reviews, mapping, design and automation solutions and services that will help transform your organizations performance for a long time.


Making your vision a reality

  • Process Discovery & Mapping
  • Business Operations Analyst
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Turnkey Business Applications Engineer
  • Business Process Automation